May Month of Prayer

Published on Tue, 5 May 2020 09:21

Dear Friends,

As Cameron has encouraged us, this time of lockdown with all its challenges is a real opportunity to earnestly seek God together, to get closer with Jesus and listen out what is God saying to us in this season. For some of us this time is busier than ever, for others the days may feel ever longer and harder to fill. But our God is with us, and longs to meet us in what we face today. We don't want this time to be something to just get through, though it may feel that way at times, but a time when we discovered more of God and what he has in store for us. And as challenged on Sunday, a time to repent over the ways we have gone against God's ways and values, both individually and as a nation. As we repent we can be set free to praise him, confident in our Lord who helps us in our battles and equips us in intercessory prayer - so needed at this time. As we pray in this way, we can expect the Holy Spirit to lead us into a vision from him to guide us as a church and in our individual lives.

So we want to offer more time to pray together this month, in addition to what is already taking place via Zoom homegroups and WhatsApp groups. During the month of May you can join via Zoom to pray every weekday morning Monday to Friday at 8am till 8.20am, and once a week in an evening - at 8.15pm for Prayer PEG.

Why 8am? Some of us would have been up for hours by then, others may need to set up an alarm to make it... to encourage a rhythm of prayer and offer each day for the Lord to lead us, we want to start with a regular time in the morning to fit in before work and/or school. And also get together to pray once a week in the evening. More events can be added if there is appetite for additional times.

To join to pray, please contact Sam or Cameron at church for the zoom login information.  Just to clarify, to join a meeting you don't need to sign up with zoom, simply go to the website and join in a meeting from there.

The morning prayer will have a slightly different emphasis each day:

Monday morning prayer          Informal prayer for the week ahead; our church, neighbourhood, nation

Tuesday                                   A shortened version of the Church of England Morning Prayer with prayers, Bible readings and responses.

Wednesday                              Informal prayer for our mission partners and the wider world

Thursday                                 A shortened version of the Church of England Morning Prayer with prayers, Bible readings and responses.

Friday                                      Informal prayer with a particular emphasis on listening prayer

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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