St Simon's Midweek

St Simon's Midweek
Published on Thu, 6 Aug 2020 17:20

Dear St Simon’s,

Here is a link to our latest Midweek offering: 

It is a fascinating interview conducted by Nicky Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton with Actors David and Jessica Oyelowo. They talk about their Christian lives, their work in Hollywood and their experience of HTB’s Pre-Marriage Course with Nicky and Sila Lee in the run-up to their marriage. They describe how the recent killing of George Floyd had galvanized their work in the cause of racial justice seen most prominently in their performances in the films ‘Selma’ and ‘A United Kingdom.’

Yesterday, I was in touch with one of our worship leaders, Sam, in Lebanon. He has decided to be in his home country for the foreseeable future and continues to run his business from there. He and his family are safe after the horrendous explosion in Beirut yesterday. However, he sent me a photograph of his church there – City Bible Church, taken this morning, at which he had been appointed to lead worship just before lockdown. The interior is totally destroyed. He is thrilled that we are ready to pray for them.

Please pray for the people of City Bible Church, as they get in touch with each other and review the devastation to their city and church building, and as some may discover that a loved one or someone they know is dead or missing. Pray for the leaders, that they will reach out to God to lead them at this time and for the future of their meetings. Pray also for Sam, as he continues to work out his role in the church in this desperate time.

 God bless you,