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Prayer Week

Prayer Week
Published on Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:54

September 20th kicks off a week of prayer for all of us at St Simon's.  Here's a short video about everything going on:


Mon - Sat                   6.15-6.45am Daily Parish Prayer Walk—meet at church

Monday 20th                    8-8.30am       Prayer Zoom 

Tuesday 21st                     8-9pm             Prayer Evening Gathering in church

Wednesday 22nd          8-9pm             Praise Evening Gathering in church

Friday 24th                          6pm                Holy Communion (formal) in church

Friday 24th                          9pm                Evening Prayer (formal) by Zoom 

Saturday 25th                  9am                Morning Prayer (formal) in church

Sunday 26th                       10.30am         Prayer service with Youth band